SEOClerks passed 200,000 orders!

Discussion in 'Archived Announcements' started by jordan, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. ionicware

    ionicware Administrator Staff Member

    Woohoo, we've passed 200,000 orders on SEOClerks. The lucky seller who got the 200,000th order was webgenius! Congrats webgenius, we've added a small bonus to your account.

    As of today, we've issued 226,283 payments to our sellers totaling over $1.5 million. With the release of the new SEOClerks we will see this number grow exponentially as SEOClerks becomes more and more defined as the marketplace for freelancers and experts.

    In celebration, we've created a $5 coupon for the first 50 users to redeem it.

    The code is: SEOClerks200k

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  2. illdo123

    illdo123 New Member

    Thanks this website has changed my life, this is great to see this has happened to seoclerks, thanks for the $5 and thanks for looking after us! we will keep growing to become the best
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  3. fivercraze

    fivercraze Active Member

    TOo happy to hear that jordan I hope this webiste reaches to the top most webiste amoungst its competetion :)...
    happy for being member of this site :)
    Keep It Up Seoclerk and Jordan :)
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  4. hitmeasap

    hitmeasap Moderator Staff Member

    This is fantastic news! :)
    Thanks for doing such awesome work to make SEOClerks the number 1 place for SEO Services!

    Congratulations webgenius for the bonus & for the 200,000th order & Congratulations Jordan & SEOClerks!

  5. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    Great news Jordan... too bad the coupon expired so fast and almost no one even said thanks for it lol...
  6. alimalik87

    alimalik87 Junior Member

    OMG...!!!! Very Very Very Good ...!!! SEOClerks is rocking..
    I wish that at the end of 2013 SEOClerks cross the number of 300K
  7. seoboss

    seoboss Active Member

    congratulation!!! BTW i got 200034 th order id.
  8. anything2do0121

    anything2do0121 Junior Member

    so happy!! great to hear this website is the best and changed my life and hope to achieve this for this website and make this website popular thanks Jordan and well done webgenius! :)
  9. ajlancer

    ajlancer Moderator Staff Member

    Great news. Congrats to you also. I think in near future orders will become 1 million. Thanks and I am waiting to see seoclerks new theme.
  10. Sunil

    Sunil Junior Member

    Jordon ..
    I am happy for this success .

    Now This is Very Important read All people ..
    I joined seoclerks before 1 year ..

    My contribution is 5000+ orders created by my clients
    I bring 120+ referrals
    and Till the morning i had all positive feedbacks .. 2000+
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  11. ionicware

    ionicware Administrator Staff Member

    @sunil - thanks for the complements and for being an amazing seller! I've removed the bottom portion of your response and will look at your ticket.

    EDIT: Looks like another staff member is already investigating your issue.
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  12. Sunil

    Sunil Junior Member

    Thanks Jordon.
    I also not want to disclose anyones name i just want to resolve all this and want to stop it because i love seoclerks because of seoclerks now i am financially independent I respect seoclerks reputation as much as someone respects his/her Workplace ..

    I always pray for more successful future for you jordon and for seoclerks so we all will also grow with you thanks
  13. ionicware

    ionicware Administrator Staff Member

    @Sunil: I understand and we have no desire to see you leave. :) With 2,000 positive ratings, a few shouldn't matter at all to you.

    @everyone else: The coupon code was set to 50 uses but ran out in a very short period of time. I've just reloaded it for 100 more uses.
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  14. Sunil

    Sunil Junior Member

    @jordon I really appreciate your personal interest in this matter .. You are really a dream admin .. thanks God bless you and your team going to redeem coupon haha :)[ i smiled after 24 hours lol its because of jordon ]
  15. ServiceKing

    ServiceKing Junior Member

    @Jordan Congratulations man! I love SEOclerks and I hope this success continues for every single seller on this website! :)
  16. klo1029

    klo1029 Junior Member

    I said it many times and to many other sites supports that the admin of this site "Jordan", Is one of the best admin and he solve the matter's by himself and he's one of the best admin ever, wish you great success friend !
  17. sunil0021

    sunil0021 Contributing Member

    @Jordan you are the best dude :) thanks for creating such a wonderful website ! With the help of SEOClerks i can easily get money for my bills etc. And today i'am too happy because i got job of $107 in only 1 night :) and my last order id is


    Which is near to 200k ;) I hope you will get more and more success in your life ! Now working hard for level X by answering questions on faq, reporting bugs, giving new ideas etc. And also waiting for SEOClerks new design :cool:
    Congratulations again from me and all SEOClerks members !

    Sunil Bishnoi
  18. waji12345

    waji12345 Junior Member

    My last order no was #200296 not much close.....................
  19. nikitaparu

    nikitaparu Active Member

    Wow!! Great News and Congratulation for we've pass 200k orders and specially thanks every buyer and seller for this achievement.

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  20. cyberxcrime

    cyberxcrime Active Member

    Congrats Jordan!
    That's Great News for SEOCLERKS SUCCESS.
    When i joined SEOCLERkS before 9month ago i got weekly 1 or 2 order only and i think seoclerks also not too much popular on that days but Now I'm sure SEOCLERKS is best marketplace all over world. I feel really glad to become part of SEOCLERKS.

    My contribution is 2500+ orders created by my clients
    I bring 10050 affiliate Clicks and 26 affiliate members.
    and Till the morning i had all positive feedbacks .. 1400+

    btw #200014 is mine too much nearly #200000
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