The third $1,000 contest in celebration of the new SEOClerks

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  1. ionicware

    ionicware Administrator Staff Member

    In celebration of launching the new SEOClerks (more details here), we are starting the third affiliate contest.

    We are giving away a total of $1,000 to winners of this contest with first place receiving $500 (all withdrawable). Learn more about the contest and the current contestants here:

    To help contestants, we are giving back 20% to any buyer that purchases 3 services. That is every 3 services for the next 72 hours will automatically add 20% of the total back to the users account. Learn more here.

    In addition, we are giving away free money for anyone who promotes SEOClerks or talks about the new theme anywhere on the internet:

    Forums with link ($3)
    1. Must be 100k Alexa or less
    2. Active, non-spammed forum
    3. Contain a link back to SEOClerks (you should use your affiliate link to help you with the contest)
    4. Your account cannot be new
    5. Your account should have more than 25 posts
    6. Your account must be in good standing without any flags on the forum. It should have age and post count (no new accounts)
    7. No Spam!
      Do not spam other forums. This is bad mojo and this is not what we want. Do not use automated software to create these threads, we will just ban your account from SEOClerks.
    8. Threads and posts should be well thought out, contain multiple sentences and paragraphs
    Forums without Link, mention of SEOClerks ($1.5)
    1. Identical to the above minus the link. You must mention SEOClerks in the text.
    Question/Answer Sites ($1)
    1. Sites like Yahoo Answers, blurtit, quora, etc
    2. Can't be spam Q/A sites
    3. Can't be new Q/A sites
    4. Must be popular (100k Alexa or less)
    5. Must contain a link to
    6. Must not be a spam/spun answer/response
    7. Quora answers get +$1 (total of $2)
    8. 20-30+ words in length, well written
    9. Under 20k in Alexa
    Recommending the site on social networks ($3)
    1. Respond to a user, recommending SEOClerks on popular social networks. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, reddit, digg, etc
    2. Response MUST BE related. IE:
      >> RandomPerson >> Anyone know where I can buy quality link wheels?
      >> You >> Check out <link to seoclerks link wheel category or service> for high quality link wheels at a cheap price.
    3. Spam responses and blasting it out there or retweeting, etc, will not be accepted.
    4. Each response must be unique
    5. Response must be public so we can see it or you must provide proof for us to see it.
    6. Must be a popular site, less than 100k Alexa
    How to Redeem
    Enter a ticket ( or ) with the URLs you have done the above for. If you plan on submitting many responses/threads, wait until you do them all so we can give you the money once.
    • Do not submit a ticket for funds until you have $10.
    • Submit a new ticket for each request (do not respond to old/previous tickets)
    • Submit in this format
      # [amount] [URL to POST (not to thread] [username]

      1 [$1] [ ] [jordan]

      Anything not submitted in this format will be rejected.
    We will review and apply the money to your account within 48 hours.
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  2. Sean101

    Sean101 Contributing Member

    Great, I have just signed on and seen the new theme, also just noticed this contest and other give-aways. All is good and going to get started looking through the new features and also getting a start on the affiliate contest too :D
  3. angie828

    angie828 Moderator Staff Member

    This is an excellent way to get the new theme out there. Great contest you have running Jordan!
  4. LukasMGK

    LukasMGK Regular Member

    Hi Jordan, can I post that in indonesian forum who have 312 alexa rank ?
  5. maranathabuton

    maranathabuton Active Member

    yay ! Thank you so much ! After a year (I guess), used a coupon from SEOClerks again. =)) And I am so happy that there is a third round ! God please help me win. Thank you so much Jordan, more power !
  6. Sunil

    Sunil Junior Member

    Once again .. JORDAN did fabulous Job THanks and congrates
  7. sunil0021

    sunil0021 Contributing Member

    Hey Jordan,

    Please tell me what I have to do for participating in this contest ?? I really don't know what to do !

    - Sunil Bishnoi
  8. ShadyX

    ShadyX Active Member

    Start getting new affiliates and affiliate sales, that's pretty much it.
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  9. enstine

    enstine New Member

    Hey Jordan, what about writing a blog post and linking to SEOclerks ?
  10. LukasMGK

    LukasMGK Regular Member

    Recommending the site on social networks ($3)

    Hello Jordan, if I respond 10 people then I will get 10 x $3 = $30 , that's true?
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2013
  11. Betistapir

    Betistapir Active Member

    Same question as Lukas said, If I respond 10 times on twitter of someones' tweet question, will it be?
    Also, can I spread my deep link (aff link or services) instead of seoclerks hompage url?
  12. exjordanary

    exjordanary Regular Member Staff Member

    I bought this when it first came out (it's an awesome Script BTW for anyone who is interested in purchasing) and have been waiting for your "Update".

    Any word yet??

    I've been having to teach myself PHP (I took Derek's Script and modified it a little as you'll see at - I added Delicious & G+ Share buttons per Gig, also an Addthis Toolbar up top, and I have Listed some Level X Members in the Left Sidebar)

    Oh, if any Level X-ers see their name missing, lemme know,


    ~Nameless J~
  13. ShadyX

    ShadyX Active Member

    I am actually *really* close to releasing it, It includes the following new things:

    Mobile responsive default theme
    Multiple themes (you can create and sell them too)
    Custom Pages (Good for adding content for SEO related purposes)
    Font based icons
    Bootstrap version 3
    VERY fast loading times

    And a bunch of other awesome stuff including very detailed documentation, you can build a full site right out of my affiliate store script really easily (Even for a beginner). Example code and docs for doing things like that will be provided with the update :)

    On a side note, my younger brother @jakemadness has also been silently working on his own affiliate store script which has things I didn't even think were possible using the api.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2013
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  14. jakemadness

    jakemadness Well-Known Member

    I can give you a full list of level x users if you want, I had to make a script myself to find all level x users for a widget I was creating. I would happily pass it on.
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  15. mssoftmind

    mssoftmind Junior Member

    I always told my friends about seoclerks. Its really a good site and also no risk of your money.
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  16. nikitaparu

    nikitaparu Active Member

  17. exjordanary

    exjordanary Regular Member Staff Member

    Thanks, you can send it to my Inbox at the Marketplace if you want, but as far as adding a Link to each Seller's Profile goes, I mainly add them upon request - (there are more & more Level X Members every day it seems)

    Plus, ONLY Lists Services from Level X Sellers already anyway - so it's cool.

    One thing I requested be added to Jordan's Dev List long ago was a "Level X Alert" - each time a Member becomes Level X.

    Which was part of why I started CommunityClerks, but it turned into so much more. *lol*

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  18. jakemadness

    jakemadness Well-Known Member

    If the level x users are updated often you could use some php to help update any list you have like below :)

    $base '';
    $level '4';

    LevelX($amount) {
    $ch curl_init();
    $response curl_exec($ch);

    $users_array[] = '';
    $request LevelX('1000');
    foreach (
    $request as $data) {

    $string $data['seller_username']. ':' $data['seller_userid'] . ':' $data['seller_country'];
      if (!
    in_array($string$users_array)) {
    $users_array[] = $string;


    foreach (
    $users_array as $user) { echo $user.'</br>'; }
    Then you could format the users list in whatever you want like xml, json or plain text and set a weekly cron to update or manually run it :)
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2013
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  19. TargetStudio

    TargetStudio Junior Member

    soo we get paid 3$ per forum post about seoclerks? :)
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  20. nidonaveed

    nidonaveed New Member

    dnt know what to do
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