• 10 Secrets to boost positive ratings on your SEOclerks profile
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I have recently finished writing this e-book. I am selling on SEOclerks for the last 3 years and it has been an wonderful experience. I have totally written this ebook based on my personal experiences on SEOclerks. Hence it is a great starter pack for the newbies and also a great asset for old sellers who are struggling to make an impact on SEOclerlks.

The secrets reveals the easiest and the most convenient ways to gather and collect positive reviews on your SEOclerks profile. You will find these secrets really amazing and unique and you will be toally blown away by the results! GRAB IT NOW!!!!!!!

The things you are about to read can be applied to any online business you have. The only thing I am going to discuss here is how you can boost or get more positive reviews on your profiles. Of course the number of positive reviews on your profile is really important and it makes your profile strong and the buyers/clients feel more affirmative, confident to buy services from you.

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  2. 10 Secrets to boost positive reviews on your SEOclerks profile

Excerpt from the eBook

I am not going to discuss generic stuffs like deliver on time, maintain regular contact, reply to queries as soon as possible etc. What I am going to do is reveal a powerful secret that will simply blow your mind! And you will see for yourself how precious this little article is and which will eventually help you all getting tons of real positive reviews from your buyers.

So let’s go….

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  • ninjasalesgroup
    ninjasalesgroup 2 years ago

    The book on SEO Clerks Secrets is short and sweet. While most most of the information is pretty basic, it goes beyond the standard good customer service steps a bit and provides some great incite on how to use the SEO Clerks platform effectively. Worth the $2 for new sellers. We will be using a few of the tips as we revamp in the upcoming months. Thank you!

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