SEOClerks Dark Mode - Chrome Extension for $9

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SEOClerks Dark Mode - Chrome Extension

10 good reasons to use the new SEOClerks Dark Mode Extension:

1) Be cool

2) Be the first, brag about it to your friends

3) Protect your eyes, restful/relaxing for your eyes

4) Get more work done, no harsh white glare from screen

5) Ideal for the hard worker who spends hours on site

6) Good for night workers, low light environments

7) Custom, exclusively made for SEOClerks by procoder

8) One time purchase

9) Trusted seller, long time SEOClerks staff member

10) Fast, reliable customer support.

Enjoy the same dark theme you love about Twitter/Reddit etc. Not just dark, revamped.We've tweaked every aspect of the theme appearance to provide the most restful and relaxing SEOClerks experience.An ideal solution for the seller or buyer who spends long hours on site, easier on the eyes. You know how painful it can be to flick on the screen first thing in the morning for work, to get an eyeful of glare. The new SEOClerks dark theme fixes that issue, providing the most restful and relaxing site experience possible. An ideal solution for the hard working seller (or buyer) who spends many hours on site. No longer wil you have to deal with the instant eye zapping pain that comes along with the neon white glare of the screen hitting your eye at 3 am. Now you can enjoy a peaceful site surfing experience everytime you visit SEOClerks. The dark theme is more than just a black background. We've completely rethought the theme look for maximum eye comfort. More user friendly design elements.


What do you get?
The extension packed in a zip file, alongside with the documentation that explains how to install it.

What is this exactly?
It is a chrome extension that turns SEOClerks white theme to dark mode.

Does this extension work on other browsers?
The extension works only on chrome at this moment.

Can I install on all my computers?
You can install the extension on all your computer/devices you want.

What about license?
The extension is one time purchase, which means you pay only once.




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