English Copywriter Needed

English Copywriter Needed

This is a copywriting project that entails writing 20 pieces of text 650 words each based on various keywords on the topic of education.

Before you can start working on it, you need to do a PAID test assingnment (see requirements below).


General requirements:

You need to write 3 pieces of text based on the following keywords.

Primary keyword:
secondary school

Secondary keywords:
british school system
international schools
intermediate school

The pieces of text are:
A question based on the primarykeyword and a detailed description of the question (100 words)
An answer to the question (400words)
A comment to the answer (150words)

All three pieces should look like they havebeen written by three different people: one person asks the question,another person provides their opinion on the question based on their experience/knowledge, and the third person makes a comment on the answer — agrees, disagrees, provides an alternative point of view or example.

Target audience — all people interested ineducation: high school/college students, professionals who wish to receive additional education.

Goal — to provide useful information, tips,pieces of advice, guidelines, etc. on the subject matter.

Tone — informative but with a personal touch.

Content Requirements:
The question itself should beprecise and to the point.
In the description of thequestion, you should expand on the situation that prompted you to ask the
The answer to the question must beboth engaging and informative, personal but not too familiar. It has to provide valuable information.
The comment should express aperson’s point of view on the answer. It can include either supporting or
opposing arguments.

SEO Requirements:
The question should include theprimary keyword once. The keyword should be used as is and not bechanged in any way.
The description of the questionshould include the primary and the secondary keywords one time each. The
keywords should be used as is and not be changed in any way.
The answer to the question shouldinclude the primary and the secondary keywords one time each. Here you mustchange the keywords without altering their meaning (you can swap words,make the nouns plural/singular, insert prepositions, combine proper names into one word: Great Lakes — greatlakes).
The comment to the answer shouldinclude one keyword, either primary or secondary, changed or unchanged — whatever fits the context better.
The description of the questionand the answer may include links to relevant and credible sources.
All pieces of text must also include related search terms. You can find them by googling the primary keyword and looking at the meta-titles and meta-descriptions. There you will find words or phrases that are closely associated with the topic, which must be used in the question, answer, and comment.
You need to use all of theprovided keywords in the texts. The keywords must not be packed into one
paragraph. You have to spread them evenly throughout the whole text.
Do not write awkward sentenceswith keywords. The text must be smooth and natural.
Highlight the keywords in yellow.

Skills Required

English Copywriting Seo


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