Article about blockchain

Article about blockchain

You need to write interesting, absolutely unique, literary and structured text. It should be written in English.

The article will be published on a large information resource, so all requirements for the quality of the text must be observed.

=== Topic ===

Global changes in Emercoin blockchain: SegWit, TX Optimizer, STUN and 13 more updates

Where to get information:

Size of Texts
The size of text is about 5 000 characters without spaces. The texts may differ in size, in the range of 4500-5500.
The texts will be used for backlink placement. Adhere to the quality requirements that we indicated below.
Main requirement - 100% uniqueness. Follow to the rules of grammar and punctuation. Use third-party description. In the texts, you must correctly and naturally use anchors we have provided.


Structure requirement:

1. Where it is logical - design the text in the form of a list (numbered or marked, bullets). Elements of the list should not be from 1-2 words, make them more informative, use detailed description.

2. Use sub-headings to organize your text. The text should be structured, logical, one glance at the text should be enough to understand that it reveals the topic.

3. Use all anchors we provide.

4. The text must meet the requirements of the narrative. Tie, culmination, denouement. You can not break off the text in an incomprehensible phrase, without the conclusion or conclusions.

5. The style of the text is popular science. The text should be interesting for the reader, and also cause the desire to go to the link and explore the issue more globally

6. The availability of a portfolio with articles on crypto-currencies or blockchain is mandatory.

Skills Required

Writing Articlewriting Financial


i can write as per requirements. kindly contact me for more details.

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