I want a reliable academic writer to do a research paper on pandemics

I want a reliable academic writer to do a research paper on pandemics

Drawing from the primary sources we've gathered for you, choose a single event to evaluate how either individuals, societies, or governments have responded to the crises that they faced. To complete your argument, you will also need to include an additional primary source. It must directly speak to your particular topic and argument and elucidate what it does to bring our attention back to this event so that we can better understand today’s world. You can begin your research by going here:
The documents that we have selected for you to start your research can be found under the two subjects: Pandemic Sources OR Racial Justice Sources. Once you have selected a source that you will use, you’ll need to identify at least one other primary source and at least one secondary source, which you will use to help you contextualize your evidence and help you develop an argument. Of course, you will need to cite the sources that you use.


your intended argument, in the form of a thesis statement, and the argument that you intend to make. Remember that one of your goals in this assignment is to link the past to the present.

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