Enhance and Sweeten Dialogue Audio for Short Film

Enhance and Sweeten Dialogue Audio for Short Film

Hello, I filmed a short detective movie (21 mins) just for fun, but the audio recording doesn't sound very good.
I've already done a lot of work and got it sounding pretty good, it's just not good enough.

Here is some examples of the audio.

Starts off with the Detective Voice Over (already sounds pretty good), followed by the office scenes, then outdoor scene. At 1:40 example of the female voice in the office. At 2:28 example of the office guy, At 2:58 example of the Hitman.

If you would like to accept this job, I will send you the 3 minute wav file with these examples and you can email me back a wav file of what fixes you can do. Thanks!


I am looking for someone who knows how to enhance the dialogue audio.

  • Compression & Peaks at -3db for television
  • Remove echo sound & high end (DeEsser)
  • Add more character to the sound (Fuller sounding)
  • Leave all the files the same length so they fit back into the video editing timeline.
  • Any other adjustments you feel make the dialogue sound better.
The audio has been recorded separate for each character, so there is 15 different wav files, ranging from 1:12 to 5:45 minutes.

Skills Required


respected sir,
i am willing to do your work. order me i hope that i came up to your expectations.

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