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  • Immediate MS Access 2007 Project
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Choose a company, topic, or any thing you can create data about

1) Create a database with 3 tables.

2) Add fields to each table. Include appropriate data types such as Lookup, Yes/No, Attachment, Hyperlink, etc.

2) Add appropriate field properties such as Field Size,Required, Default Values, Input Masks, Formats, Captions, Validation rules and

3) Add at least 15 records to each table. You need to be one of the First Name and Last Name fields (if applicable) somewhere in your contact
table (if you have one).

4) Use the data in your tables to create at least 10 queries. Some options include a date function, an AND or OR function, operators, a
parameter query, expressions (calculated field using builder), crosstab if
applicable, find unmatched, find duplicates, etc.

5) Create 3 forms (could include a main form/subform, split form, a calculated control, and a button) and 3 reports. Make sure they are
useful and would enhance the database.

6) Make sure your relationships are built correctly, currency fields reflect dollar signs, fields names are showing (fields aren't too narrow
for titles), etc.

7) Save your whole database and DatabaseProjectyourlastname and submit on (or preferably before) by Friday, Dec 14th before 11.

Note: This is a Test project for Longer Business Relationship.

Please don't bid if you are not very good at MS Access 2007

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MS Access 2007
MS Access Database

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Msaccess Msaccess2007


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