I want forum posts 100 posts

I want forum posts 100 posts

I want forum posters to a new forum.Every one gets an opportunity to earn and post.I welcome new comers as well as old people.All you need to post content that relevant to forum titles.YOU get paid once you complete 100 posts under your username.Thanks



Nice English writing skills

Skills Required

Posting Writing Hosting Cooking Gaming


i will make 30 new good quality threads that will generate discussion and i will also make 70 replies on other threads for a total of 100 posts. i will use the same username here in seoclerks upon signing up.

i did previous forum posting jobs for other clients and received a good feedback from them.

i can post 100 posts to your forum. i just saw your link.
and there is only two category now avail so where i have to post.

i have visited your forum. i can post unique and useful articles for the readers relevant to the forum titles. as i am from tech background, you can highly rely on me for accomplishing the task. eagerly waiting to hear from you. best wishes.

forum content provided as requested

forum content provided as requested

one dollar can only get you 10 quality posts. if you want i have a few similar services on my profile.

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