MyBB Zthreads

MyBB Zthreads

I want someone to use the mybb plugin zthreads to do something on my forum


Here is my draft post:
This plugin replaces the advertise section with a directory type thing where the layout of the post looks much difference and so does the replies. On the post there is a user rating out of 10 and a staff rating out of 100 which is an average of the rating from the official reviews made by the team. There is also an automatic Alexa tab. A place for the thread creator to put keywords on the niche of their site. Sites can be searched using a special search system where people can search by niche and can search for user rating ascending/descending and official rating ascending/descending etc. There are 4 different tabs instead of replies. One is the update tab were only users selected by the thread creator can post and that is where site news goes. However all users can like/dislike an update and comment on it. There is also a review tab where users can make their review of the site and receive extra forum credits which is integrated with newpoints for these reviews. People can make a user rating by just filling in a rating field. They do not have to make a review or reply to give a rating. Also users can rate on the most useful review and the most useful review is pinned to the top of the tab, highlighted and marked 'Top Review:' in bold writing. There is another tab called 'official reviews' where reviews made through the review service are displayed and the overall rating given in that review goes towards the official rating, it is an average of the sites reviews. There is a button called request a review which just leads to the review section. Finally there is a tab called general which acts as normal replies. There is also a statistics page displayed where the forum list is where the top 3 'highest user rated' sites are linked. The top 3 'official rated sites' are linked and the 3 most popular(received most replies) sites are linked to. There is also a customized search which allows members to search for sites by their rating. For example user rating between 8 and 10 and official rating between 80 and 100. They can also search by niche as in the thread the thread creator must select a niche and they can search by most replies etc.

Instead of the usual site of the month we'll run ours differently. On the topics there will be a button saying 'Vote for this site' and the forum with most votes at the end of the month will automatically be placed on the statistics box on the forum list as site of the month. Manually give them other benefits like forum redirect url, free service and some forum credits.'
Those modified screenshots kind of visually show it.

Skills Required

php mybb plugin developing coding


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