Search Engine Engineer Boost Web Traffic ( Permanent Link Builder DoFollow etc)

Search Engine Engineer Boost Web Traffic ( Permanent Link Builder DoFollow etc)

I need someone that works for google bing yahoo as a search engineer that is looking for a side gig as something to do for a few extra bucks every month. Ideally you would be my best friend? Any way I would like to get as much real traffic to my website as quickly as possible without being flagged as a bad apple or ranking too fast ban. My blog has been around for years so its not like any new website penalty would apply. I am looking for thousands of highly converting web traffic that might result in book purchases or my advertising to start working. I am looking to pay about 100 dollars a month CND hopefully if things start happening. I guess this is how its done but whatever you guys got to do to get my website to start ranking for keywords. I don't care what the keywords ranking are as long as they product lots of web traffic from clicks on search engines. Nothing is happening and its been about 9 years since publishing my book and writing lots of posts. Can you bump this out with some kind of massive awesome link building program thats permanent? Let me know what we can do! Lets get my own private " Hitman " that works for some secret back door program at a " Search Company " that can take my bribes... I mean " payments " to get the MOBAD portion of my account to go into " Overdrive ". LETS DO THIS! ITS A REAL JOB!


You have to have a long history of search engine manipulation that can just swap my website for others that are currently getting traffic? Dasturdly deeds? Ideally you would work for google yahoo or bing looking for a side gig that makes about 100 cnd a month. Can you perhaps give me some of huffington posts domination?

Skills Required

seo engineer bot search links building


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