Positioning the website on Google

Positioning the website on Google

I am looking for someone who could position my website on
The website is not new, it hasalready been positioned, so it is not on the last positions in the search
engine. Some keywords are found, for example, on the second page ingoogle, so the positions are not too bad.
My budget is $ 100. I don't own any more, so please don't bid me for largerfunds.
I am asking only and exclusivelyoffers with a guarantee. I won't pay someone to getthe job done so I won't see the results. Unfortunately, I havealready cut myself on sellers on this site who did not guarantee anything and I
lost my money.
Examples of keywords in Polishfor which I want to position are:
- borelioza
- medycyna naturalna
- medycyna niekonwencjonalna
Of course, thesekeywords can be changed, but they define the nature of my business and my


- properpositioning
- 1 page in google forup to 4 - 6 weeks.

Skills Required



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