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  • i need someone to buy 5USD on a Website
Hi Everyone .
I don't have any Credit card i have only payza
and i want to buy 200 Gold on this WEBsite :
But this website don't accept PAYZA Payment so i need someone to do this for me .
that will TAKE Maximum 5 min and easy steps .
• i will give you my username and password ******* ********* .
• Login here :
• Click on ( lancer le jeux ) here :
• Select server ( Serveur 282 ) :
• Click on ( Chargement ) here :
• Select 200 Gold and select your payment methode here : ( gate2shop is the best and free and 100% safe )
[ i can do all this steps by TEAMVIWER if you want ]

last step : enter your informations and confirme

i need it fast plz
waiting your bids or contact me if you need more informatios .
thank you anyway .


this service is only for who have a credit card or any one of this payment method : gate2shop - Hipay - Paymentwall .

Skills Required

Paypal Payza Credit Card Money Buy Game


$ lvl.
i can do this work For 7$
Order me sir.
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$7 1 order now!


  • SiDouvic0

    Sorry But i have only 6.40 USD on my balance Right now 
    And it's a realy simple job 
    you get 1 USD for only some clicks 
    Thank you for your bid anyway Sir .

    1 year ago
  • AuziaTeam

    I know this website and i can do this work just order me

    1 year ago
  • SiDouvic0

    the probleme is : i have only 6.40 right now and i need to buy 200 gold ((( 5 $ )))
    Thank you anyway

    1 year ago