Assisting with 404 cleanup

Assisting with 404 cleanup

Looking for someone that is familiar with Joomla and it's functions that can look at my 404s and make the adjustments to fix them. Almost all of these 404s are not because of the content being gone, it's because in my haste to adjust my website for "Mobile First" I must have changed names, categories, and configuration in JoomSEF. January 9th Goog;r Webmaster Tools send me a message saying that I suddenly had 8,000 404 pages and the email was a heads-up. That's how I found out.

To someone skilled with Joomla, 301s, and SEO related this might be a 15-minute job because they might see what categories 404s, and shift everything or rename + adjust with 301's or whatever fixes it. I've sat down to do this myself but it's taking me too long.


///// SECTION/OLDCATEGORY/PAGE1.PHP <<<-----incoming link 404'd

You see the category has changed

///// SECTION/NEWCATEGORY/PAGE1.PHP <<<---- you 301 the 404 to the new page

If 100 links need that then all you have to do is rename the old category name to the new category name fixes 100 404s

Everyday 8,000 "404" pages isn't helping me so I just need someone that knows what to do to takecare of this for me.

I'll start at $10 and if you get this fixed up in a week or so I won't pay you that $10, I'll add a more and pay $20.

I really ask that if you don't have experience then don't apply or offer to give it a shot. Doing this is not either know how to 301 on-site URLs and are able to work with something like JoomSEF+SH404 or you don't because 1 small thing changed can make 1,000 extra dead 404s.No OJT, need a PRO.

If you take care of that in a week you will be paid the $20 + I'll prioritize you ahead of everyone else when I order services. Go look at my orders if it shows, between Oct 2018 till now I have literally purchased like 80 to 100 things. I have the screenshots but won't post them because of privacy.


Skills Required

Joomla Seoexpert


most powerful niche relevant wikipedia seo backlinks

4000 hour watch time on youtube for $100.
order now.
thank you.

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