Register and Login Bot

Register and Login Bot

This should be a very simple bot to make. All I need is a bot/software (not imacros) that can signup to a particular site which I will tell you when you offer to make the software and login. I need to be able to have it login to all accounts on a user list anytime I wish and need it to be able to generate unlimited accounts. Account names should be randomly generated from a first name surname and number. Emails should be the account name I believe a captcha is needed whilst signing up. I just need a popup with the captcha image to manually fill in if that is the case.


Login bot.
Register bot.
Generates random usernames.
Exports all accounts to a .txt file.
Able to login then logout to many accounts from the same .txt file.
Ability to manually fill in captcha.

Skills Required

Programming Coding Bot Login Register



please contact me for more details and for a list of my previous projects. the bid price is negotiable.

thank you

i will provide you sign up bot

i am a full time ubotter, and i can provide the bot that you would like. i have had experience with disposable email addresses, signup bots, and login bots. i can ensure you that your money will go the longest way if you order from me.

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