Wordpress Plugin to fix/Modify/Customize

Wordpress Plugin to fix/Modify/Customize

Plugin to customize:

This plugin create a wordpress page showing wikipedia content using a shortcode like this:?[wiki-embed url= no-contents no-edit no-infobox]

but have some problem to fix:

When a user follow a link of this page the plugin continue his work showing the new wikipedia page like a wordpress site page and i prefer if it ask for create a new post and not a new page

The plugin also send me mail asking if I need to add this new page in the wordpress page but in this moment the plugin send me a bad url (too long)

this is the text of mail: (in bold the part of url not likned)

A User stumbled apon a page that is currently not a part of the site.
This is the url that they visited -

You have a few options:

Fix the problem by:
Creating a new page - and adding the shortcode
Go to marino&content=[wiki-embed url= no-contents no-edit no-infobox]

Here is the shorcode that you might find useful:
[wiki-embed url= no-contents no-edit no-infobox]

Then go to the Wiki-Embed list and add a Target URL to point to the site

and place the link that is suppoed to take you to the page that you just created.


Now I receive a mail with url like this where the bold text is no clickable: marino&content=[wiki-embed url= no-contents no-edit no-infobox]

1: TO FIX: I need one mail with full clickable url so i can't click and add new page

I have tryed to change post_type=page with post_type=post when i past the url in the browser and it work fine. But if try to do this mod in the php script then i have a a problem with wordress back end that become white. I must disable the plugin via ftp or modify it again.

2: TO CUSTOMIZE: I wish work with POST not PAGE

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