Free Files Entered on CodeClerks

Free Files Entered on CodeClerks

I need users who can enter find free code and files (with open source) on the internet. Then add them to Please bid indicating how you will find the files, what you will submit and your experience in doing this. I need well written, fluent English only.


You will need to do these tasks:

  1. Find Free software that is open source and can be distributed. This could be functions, classes, code or even complete software.
  2. Compile a package which includes screenshots and the code in a zip file.
  3. Upload the code to using your account

I am interested in purchasing multiple quantity from multiple people.

Skills Required

coding programming data entry work internet typing


i am a developer and i know what you are looking for. i can find free code and software that is perfectly legal to add to this site.

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    i am webdeveloper and sometimes code. i often come accross such scripts that are very help full for newbie or even grown devs.

    i will submit scripts, codes with possible documentation. additionally i will include images and explanations wherever i can.

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