please help me to correct the script

please help me to correct the script

i need help ....
i live in germany
if i use this script unten to change my referer, then
But it doesnot show me that i am from Germany ?!!!
i tried another places in the world !!!it show ONLY america !!!
can anyone help me to correct this matter and show the correct place !!!,when the site opened !!!

my script :

i want Script that change referer that i wish ,and in the sametime show me the right country....

please contact me if you can 100%

first try



please help me...
i will pay if i can show the right location and the results that i accept ...
Thank you very much

Skills Required

Html Programmieren Java


- make a log with user ip address save on a txt file everytime it will add a new line.
- randomly choose webaddress to be forworded.
- users ip + location will be displayed also!
if u want more tell me!

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