Wordpress theme and plugin customisation and creation with bug fixes

Wordpress theme and plugin customisation and creation with bug fixes

Hey, I'm having a few issues with some of the plugins when setting up my site and would also like some additional functionality and customisation (nothing too big) is this something you can do?

Firstly, the issues I am having are;

- The VC front end editor keeps breaking and disappearing/not functioning properly
- Laggy and slow to load pages
- private forums are not actually private and can still be viewed by guests
- password protected forums are not actually protected and can be viewed by ANYONE without the use of a password too.

And the customisation I would like is;

- adaptations to the current registration feature implemented so that unnecessary fields can be removed and I can choose which registration fields I require (while still being linked and not decreasing functionality to the profile system)

- Possibly permission fixes and changes that would require newly registered users to apply to join our gaming group and after being accepted will have permissions to comment, view profiles etc, and use the forum, events page etc.

- The creation of an event type plugin that would allow me to invite members to a scheduled event and they can specify whether they are attending or not (like the one enjin has)

Is this something that would be possible? ( I'll send this off to a few others and I hope you all get back to me )



Full Customization of the current website theme and plugins along with any bug fixes.
Creation of new custom plugins for arranging and controling events.
A fix for the bugs listed and a working permission system.

Skills Required

Html Wordpress Web Php Css


hello ,i am experts in webdesign and programming also..i will make sure you that i will fix your all website problem that what are you actually looking for and 100% client satisfaction.i already do this type of job like as fix bugs,ui fix,theme customization,plugin customization,making copied or clone website,ecommerce ,&business website based

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