Website Form generates Expiring Coupon

Website Form generates Expiring Coupon

I have a coupon that is a PDF document, (which can be changed if needed), but I would like to update "expired date" in the PDF and then save, and allow the user to download or send it to them in email.

I would like someone to create a script that could be added to my website that would allow this update to happen.

I would like this to be setup in using Gravity forms, where the user is asked for Name/Email/Phone, then a coupon is generated and the data enter is put on the coupon and created as a PDF and emailed to the email in the form.

I am open to suggestion on how this could be done and I want it to be simple.



I can provide the coupon in PDF format or generate it in any format you wish.
I want the output to be able to be added to the a website.
I want the forms to use gravity forms (which I have )
I want the date entered in the form to be added to the coupon
I want the coupon to then be created and emailed to the user as a PDF that can not be edited.

Here is a copy of the coupon ,

which can be updated if need be to allow for what ever is needed in the document to allow for the script to edit it, adding name/email/phone to it of the intended user, along with expire date of current date +15 days.

Skills Required

php mysql css html javascript


i need to change my bid. realistically i can only make so the user may print the coupon online. they may still enter their name, email and phone if you wish to capture. in fact that data could be emailed to you. we can also send the user an email with the print page url.

i just can't send as a pdf. think about it though. if they can print

you don't need to make a script to do this. you're going about a easy task the hard way, all you need to do is make a data entry form for customers to enter information. the next step is to make the pdc of the coupon a template, this template can be a word document or a .png image file. there should be suffient space on this document or picture for

i can do it. please contact me

i will make template and pdf generation script that generate your pdf in real time and send it to user email and/or save it to server file system.

you will have option to change everything in the cupon, and save changes.
pm me for more details

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