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  • SEOClerk Affiliate Store with LATEST Category TREE from the API
All the Affiliate Stores still have the OLD Category Tree from the API

I would like to Purchase either a SCRIPT, or a Wordpress Theme, but it needs to have ALL UPDATED CATEGORIES TO MATCH THE API's New Category Tree (it has completely changed).
For example, there are no longer Categories for facebook_likes, instagram, google_plus, etc. - and there are NEW Categories such as: Social_Points -


  • Can either be PHP Script

  • A Wordpress Theme/Plugin

But must have the latest MENU TREE from the API
(it has recently changed completely)

Skills Required

Programming Programmer Coding Script Php Wordpress Affiliate


$ lvl.
I will offer you SEOClerk ... ategory TREE from the API
i have 5 years experience in seo. so you can order me now. thank you
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