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my current website is and it has a wordpress site currently. I like the look of the site, but the functionality is missing quite a bit.
We are a training provider in Australia for fire training (extinguisher/warden), first aid, height safety, confined space and breathing apparatus.We can have either individual courses (where 1 or 2 people come to a session that we have pre-determined the location), or group booking where a company will ask us to come to them. These have different pricing obviously and i would like something that i can work from anywhere as long as i have internet connection.

What i had tried for is somewhere i can have sales reps to add company and individual details, this cannot be shared with other sales reps except company details so they all cant contact the same companies.They will have a list of the courses we provide, and on group booking will be able to assign a trainer. I would like it to show the courses that they have booked, and show the commission i owe to them, for example 15% (if the course costs $1000, i owe the sales people $150)

Now for the trainers, i would like the trainers to have their own calendar where they can block out if they have something on that day, and an email sent to them when a course has been booked for them. I will need a space that we can add the courses they can train with an expiry date that they will need to update their training, with an area to add copies of certificates. I would also like them to say that they are happy to travel a certain distance from their home (an example is i live at 37 kimber street aldinga beach SA 5173, and i am happy to travel 75km to conduct training from my house). An email sent should include details from the sales side like company name, address, contact person, contact number and other details they may require. They will also receive a percentage of sales, and this may be 35%, which will show once a course has been completed.

Finally, i need two admin levels, one for me that can receive and look at all information, and another for people not to see any banking accounts, but can book courses for individuals, and make changes if there are any mistakes.

I would like businesses to sign up to be able to see group booking prices, but need to include company name, abn, contact person, contact number, address, address for training.
Individuals will need to include their name, address, usi, email address, contact number, date of birth.

Basically i would like it to be easily run by the different staff and that i don't need to do much. Courses can be paid for when they book.

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fix or make a new website
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