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  • Code a API reader which updates every few minutes + creates Plots
hey there I have a good job for you.

I would give you a website which reads out data from a blockchain.
You would be able to use the API and then write a code that permanently reads it out and notes it down. (in a google table for example)
Then orders all the "transactions" to special different addresses in a extra sheet. (when they are a part of the transactions)
Then also a hourly plot of the data against Bitcoins current price.

I can give a lot of examples of this made already - but i would like to own it myself and be able to adjust it.
Should be not too much of coding.


basic coding skills,
maybe some blockchain knowledge (not 100% needed)

Skills Required

Coding Programming


$ lvl.
20 quora,forum,blog comment
Please sir order me
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