I Need A Single Line Monopoly MLM Matrix That Accept Bitcoin Payment

I Need A Single Line Monopoly MLM Matrix That Accept Bitcoin Payment

Single leg MLM Matrix Plan

ØRegister with ReferralSponsor ID
ØEnter the user details
ØEnter User’s Emailaddress and Mobile number
ØEnter nominee detail
Ø Register with Bitcoin (, Perfectmoney , Payeer, AdVCash, coinpayment Payment gateway

ØUser can log in with profile ID and Email address along with a password
ØUser have forget password option
ØUser can re-set password using Email

Commission Details:
ØAfter completing the user registration direct referral bonus will be sent to their sponsor
ØIf a new user the package at the time of registration, the commission will be credited.

Ø Renewal user
§ User can view the downline user who renewal their plan

Ø Non-renewal
§ User can view the downline user who, not renewal their plan

Ø Downline list
§ User view their downline user in the table view

Ø Blank space
§ User can view their downline blank space in the table format
§ On those details, they can add a new user with details

Epin generator:
ØUser can use epin generator instead of taking membership
ØBy using epin generated from admin, user can be logged in

ØView purchased package details
ØTotal earning of commission details
ØUser can view DownlineList
ØUser can view Overall Payout

My account:
ØView Downline user details
ØView Downline user registered date with detail
ØView Downline user details of below
§ Renewal users
§ Non-renewal users
§ Blankspace in their downline

Profile management:
ØUser can manage their profile picture
ØUser can update their password
ØUser can view their personal details
ØUser can view sponsor details
ØUser can view Nomineedetails

Plan details:
ØUser can view current plan details
ØUser can upgrade the plan
ØUser upgrade with payment gateway using either Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, AdVCash, Payeer or Epin

Payout Details:

ØView payout details of users by following
§ View bonus type (Referal Bonus)
§ View payout user details
§ View status of the payout
§ View amount and date added in payout

Single-leg Tree view (Genealogy):
ØUser view their downline user by tree view
ØTree will show the user details
ØTree will show downline user count

Send withdrawn request:
ØUser can request of their wallet amount
ØUser enter desired amount detail
ØUser enter amount with message
ØManage send withdrawn request detail

Cancel withdrawn request:
ØUser can cancel the withdrawn request
ØUser can manage the canceled withdrawn request details

TDS Deduction:
ØTDS will be deducted on every withdrawal.
ØTDS percentage can be managed by admin.

ØUser will get a reward if they complete certain pair (managed by admin)
ØReward icon will be shown in their profile

Wallet Statement:
ØUser can view the wallet statement
ØUser can view the reason for credit and amount credited in their wallet
ØUser can view the status

Mail systems:
ØUser can view mail statistics of following
§ Send & Received
§ Read and Unread

ØUser can send a message to admin and users
ØUser view their received message details
ØView read and unread mails

ØUser can view available Package with detail at registration
ØUser can buy Package through the payment gateway
ØManage package purchased details in profile

ØUser can view available news in the site
ØView detail with media

ØUser can view available event in the site
ØView detail with media

CMS pages:
ØAbout us
ØContact us
ØTerms & Condition
ØPrivacy policy
ØSocial network connections

Admin inSide:
Menu Management:
Ø Admin can manage all the menus listed
Ø Admin can change the status of the menu
Ø Admin can delete the menu

Staff Management:
Ø Admin can manage all the staff (sub admin)
Ø Admin can change the status of the staff (sub admin)

User Management:
Ø Admin can manage all the users listed
Ø Admin can search the user using date, name, etc

Ø Admin can manage all the countries, cities, etc

Ø Admin can manage all the Testimonials

Ø Admin can manage all the feedbacks
Ø Admin can give reply to the feedback

News Management:
Ø Admin can manage all the news listed

Event Management:
Ø Admin can manage all the events listed

Slider Management:
Ø Admincan manage all the sliders

Epin generator:
Ø Epinis generated by admin and can be given to the user
Ø Epingenerator is managed by admin

Membership Management:
Ø All memberships are managed by Admin
Ø Pricing and number of validation is managed in the admin side

Ø SetReferral bonus: Admin can set referral bonus commission
Ø Generalplan details: Admin can set the minimum withdrawal amount and User Cashout commission percentage to pay Admin

Site setting pages:
Ø All site setting pages are managed by admin here

· Slide settings
· Change password
· Change address
· General settings
· Help
· Upload document

Payout Management:
Ø All single leg Payouts like commission, referral bonus are managed by Admin

Ø Singleleg tree structure is managed by Admin

Transaction Request:
Ø AllTransaction requests like withdrawal, cancel a withdrawal, withdrawal report are
managed by Admin

Support Statistics:
Ø All mail statistics, compose mail, inbox, outbox, forward, read, not read mails
are managed by Admin

Ø RenewalUsers: All Renewal Users are managed by Admin
Ø NonRenewal Users: All Non-Renewal Users are managed by Admin

I will show you a sample website to model.


Must be an Expert in either of the following and must have Matrix MLM Scripting pay plan understanding.

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • C Sharp
  • C++

Skills Required

PHP Larave JAVA C CSharp


please order me 100% non drop granted fast delivery
please order me 100% non drop granted fast delivery

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