HTML errors need to be fixed

HTML errors need to be fixed


I need a seller to do the following:

1. Please visit nuggetglobal dot com, seo page, the content in the two grey boxes are too close to the margin, should be about 1 cm away from the margin. Also, the same applies to the 3 orange boxes in the second grey box. Price $1

2. Press release distribution page, there are 2 - 3 words slightly outside the margin. You will see these errors once I change back the HTML code. Also, in the same page, but mobile version, you will see the 5 buttons, the words should not be under the buttons. Price $1

3. Make the two banners (seo page and PR distribution page) to occupy the full width of the screen. Price $1.

Total: $3. If you can fix the errors, I will place an order, and send you the HTML codes.

Thanks & Regards,


Have good knowledge and experience in HTML. Work fast ability.

Skills Required



hello winnie1209,

we can provide fix for html errors for your website for $25. please contact us asap.

dear hiring manager .
i'm md. redoy a professional web designer & developer with 3 years of experience . i can fix any kind of css and html errors.

i'll check out your website on your site it's have some css problem . so it's not so difficult so solve .
i can help you to fix up this pr

let me handle this for you and you can expect to have a fast delivery and also if you need any other issues to be fixed that specifically related to front-end development then i can do that for you too. like making your website fully responsive to all the device out there and fixing javascript code error or making website load faster.

i can fix html error, css and javascript at $50 minimum in just 1hr. i am a dedicated member on seoclerk

hi i can fix any issues you may have with your site or html code. let me know if you need it done.

i will correct the problem in less than a day. i have the expertise to get it done so let me know if i am the chosen one

i can fix these errors easily.i can fix these errors easily.i can fix these errors easily.i can fix these errors easily.i can fix these errors easily.

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