Web scraping business data from specific online directories

Web scraping business data from specific online directories

I want to extract the data records of all listed businesses from a specific online directory. This data then needs to populate the 31 fields in an existing spreadsheet.

The results will then be used for marketing purposes.

When quoting, please provide pricing for the following:

  1. Data from one website
  2. Data from three websites
  3. Data from twelve websites


The spreadsheet must be completed as fully as possible, so that an effective marketing campaign can be run

Skills Required

data mining webscrap scrape web scraping


i can scrap data from website effectively with no mistake insaallah.
i will charge 5$ for one website
8$ for two websites
10$ for three websites

intro:- i am a professional web scraper. i have 10 years experience of web scraping.

my speciality:- i will create a professional level high quality project for you under 1 -3 hours.
requirement:-you have not given directory to scrap data. please tell the directory name or give links.

i am a professional graphic designer and passionate freelancer, as you mentioned the 03 different packages and you need a prize for each, i will do any of the mentioned package in low rates

  1. data from one website.............5$
  2. data from three websites..........10$
  3. data from twelve websites.........20
discuss all

data from twelve websites
you cam make it for 25$ less.
we went 50% advance and 50% after delivery of websites data.

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