Create a program for bots for live streaming

Create a program for bots for live streaming

Create a program for bots for a live streaming website called "".

I want you to use Phyton and Selenium to create a program that uses Google Chrome
to visit the site and log in with the bots and send the desired bot messages to the live stream.

In the program it should be a section for bots creation.
Bots should be created using email, you can also check the site and maybe chose a better methood.
For example phone registration where you can find a online temporary phone number for sms verification etc.
But i prefer a email registration for the bots, so the bots can easily log into the site with email and password.
I want the program to automatically create library files for each new bot/chrome window it opens so it will be
possible to open up several chrome application so several bots can enter the site and stream and spam the chat.

Tthe program should have a database section like "bots" where you can administrate the bots.
To make it even easier for the end user, i imagine the program to be like this:

  • run the program
  • in the program you have 3 sections or windows or areas:
  1. Bots/account administration:
    - info about the users/bots/accounts that are in the library or database etc.
    - it should be a option to add and remove users/bots/accounts, lets just call them bots from now on.
    - when you want to create/add a new bot, the program opens a chrome window with new library and cookies etc.
    and lets the end user create a new bot account in the website with loging in with email/phone (or whatever the option is)
    and creates the bot account. then the program closes the chrome program and stores all the login credentials etc in a unique
    library for that spesific bot, so next time the program wants that bot to spam, it doesnt need to do login process manually
    every time. The website has QR code verification, so keep that in mind if you want to code it in a way that if you use
    phone verification or app verification, the site will ask you for qr code scan every time you log in.
    check the site out to get better understanding of what i am trying to point out.
    shortly said: adding new accounts creates a new chrome window dedicated to that spesific bot.
    selenium and phyton programmers should understand this....

  2. Stream information:
    - a box to paste/write in the link for the stream the bots should go visit to do the desired job
  3. Actions information:
    - what should the bots do?
    ---- Comment? yes/no
    ------^ if yes; what should they spam?
    ---------^ a text container with the message to spam followed with every time randomized string of numbers in the end
    to protect for anti spam. The end user just inputs the message he/she wants, rest (the random numbers for anti-spam)
    does the bot add randomly everytime the bot sends the message.
    ---- Follow the streamer? yes/no

this is everything i have in mind so far.
if you have any further ideas to implement, feel free to discuss on PM.

this should be a very easy project for those with the right skills...


pyhton programming skills and software programming skills for windows.

Skills Required

phyton programming windows


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