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  • REDIRECT CODE to ensure entire VIDEO plays THEN redirects
I need an automatic redirect upon end of video to URL. Therefore you need to create a REDIRECT CODE to ensure entire VIDEO plays THEN redirects. So if the video buffers or if a visitor hits pause and re starts the video it will NOT redirect until the ENTIRE video plays.

With HTML, you can redirect like this:

The code we are using is M E T A HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="25;URL=redirect.html.

This tag loads redirect.html after 25 seconds.

The only problem is due to buffering or again if visitor hits pause or even re starts the video the redirect occurs before video is complete. So the above code is not what I am looking for. So I require a code so the ENTIRE video plays before it redirects to our OPT IN PAGE.

The above code is what we are using.

Only bid if you are 100% confident you can provide the code we need on our wordpress site where the video is embedded.


The video is hosted with Wistia.

It must redirect as I described above and please refer to the video I attached as an example of what I am looking for.


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