AI Chatbot using OpenAI GPT-4 and Twilio SMS API

AI Chatbot using OpenAI GPT-4 and Twilio SMS API

i want to ask if you know how to built an intelligent AI chatbot based on foundation of GPT-4, to be used in SMS (Twilio API)??

so, it will function to have 2-way back and forth conversation on SMS messages, and we will provide the custom prompt that will inform how it will function and answer, by being connected with GPT-4.

important point: not only it will know how to answer questions of a customer; ALSO it can guide and control the conversation and ask questions for lead generation and qualifying leads. so if the customer answers the chatbot questions and their answers are good, then it will request them to schedule an appointment with the business, for example. usually this will be how the conversation finishes (by scheduling appointment with the customer for the business).

basically, we will provide the input of the GPT API credentials, the Twilio API credentials, and also the custom prompt to train it. and then we upload and provide the list of mobile phone numbers (the business customers) to reach out to with a first message. when any of those customers replies, then the chatbot will control the conversation.

as well, if anybody outside will initiate a SMS to that number, the chatbot can also intelligently control the conversation and reply (based on the custom prompt training it). please let me know if you can build this.

i assume it will need probably some Python coding or Javascript coding.

also i think as deliverable, it will need to be web app or desktop app, to be able to monitor the conversations, and upload file/list of customers+phone numbers.


must have experience in following:

- Coding/Programming (Python, Javascript)
- OpenAI API integration (GPT-4)
- Twilio SMS API integration
- building desktop apps or web apps

Skills Required

coding programming python javascript twilio sms openai chatgpt gpt4


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