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  • Do Play Store Trends Research
Im looking for someone to help me identify trends in search and downloads from google play.

we want you to do research and find trending search keywords, but we want search volumes, dates, we want to know which keywords and results are getting most downloads from.

We are targetting apps not games.

also identify how much competition there is for these keywords.

we do not want short term trends but ones that havelasted for a few months. For example you might find that "check temperature" is a popular search term, there are about 40 apps in that search result, most of those apps have >10K installs, the search is performed average 1000 times per day, can you identify rates of organic installs for apps (im not sure)



app store
keywords software
Level Required: 2+

Skills Required

Google Trends Internet Online Research


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I will Do Play Store Trends Research
Hello dear, i just look your project. i can do my job very well. you can give me the job and believe me. thank you
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