Must be completed in 10 days       This listing has ended.       Willing to pay a maximum of $75
  • 500 new TSU children / followers
I want someone to build at least 1500 REAL new TSU Children / Followers to a specific TSU new social network account to grow tsu network and potential downline earnings from the children / family tree followers. TSU is unique as it shares all advertising revenue withit's members. And those that recruit new members get a percentage of all the revenue generated from those that are coded to them as a children down line. SO having REAL active members is extremely important. I don't want fake spam bot created accounts.


- All followers must be real people and real accounts
- All must be new Real TSU accounts so they are considered "Children" to the specified account to build to
- All new followers must have profile photos and at least one post psted to it
-These must NOT be fake spam "Bot Created" accounts
- All accounts must be real people already familiar with social media and have other established social media accounts.

Skills Required

Affiliatemarke Socialmedia Twitterfollowa Tsu


$ lvl.
order now .. I can do it
I will add real 50 accounts from your affiliate link to that website !!

note - i'll do this through my facebook groups

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$50 1 order now!
i will give you 100 new TSU Children/ Followers
i will give you 100 tsu followers. my all followers 100% real.
please sir order me

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$20 1 order now!
I will give you real 500 ... TSU children / followers
i will give you real 500 new tsu children / followers only $75,
please sir order now.

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$75 3 order now!