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  • Digital PR campaign India & UK
I want to run a digital PR campaign for my band in which promotion needs to be done thru various famous blogs, Fb pages and many other social media platforms. Also promotion through celebrity fan pages needs to be done.

Only Experienced persons place bids.

We can work upon budget.


Digital PR campaign

Sharing on blogs and fb pages

Skills Required

Facebooktraffi Youtubeseoskil


$ lvl.
give u 12000 youtube views
Give u real 12k youtube views for $50
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$50 3 order now!
digital PR campaign high SEO work
I have been working in seo works for 4 years. i offer you any seo works for your website. all method is working to promote your site on top search engine and various social media sites
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  • monirkhanweb

    I have 5 years experience in on page/of page seo.So you can add me your work.

    thank you.....................

    4 years ago