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  • Help with Adwords with Google to make more customers go to my web site
Google just awarded us $10,000 a month of adwords for my charity. I been working on this for three weeks and might only use $175 a day and do not know if anyone is going to the web site We need real customers to purchase items we have to raise money for the charity. We have a fun new gidt that most kids would like. I need someone that knows adwords to drive prople to the website


I would think you know SEO, know google adwords, know how to use the program, understandas how to get us the right customers. I will be gald to let the person go in the back end of the program

Skills Required

Seo Adwords Google Grantads Websitetraffic Website


$ lvl.
i can help u with adword
Hello sir i can help u with that ...
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$25 1 order now!
Help with Adwords with Go ... stomers go to my web site
Order me
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$20 1 order now!
Optimize your Google Adwo ... u will get Real customers
I will optimize your whole campaign and improve your ads position and make some chances to get some leads.
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My services are auto viewing bot
2.5000 youtube views for 5$
3.10000 youtube views for 7$
4.15000 youtube views for 9$
5.20000 youtube views for 11$

and many more..


"exclusive youtube views
subscribers and likes @ cheapest rate"

** real human website traffic also available **

message me now

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Setup and Optimize and in ... e traffic on your website
I can setup your adwords and give you optimized keywords and make ad copies to bring ttraffic to your website at low cost
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  • mdanwarhc

    I can set campaign based on your keyword/service.
    I will charge 60 USD/Per campaign. it needs plenty of keywords and competition research. so, a couple of hours to need a campaign to launch.

    One campaign is possible to run in a day initially. So be aware of the campaigns amount.

    good luck and knock me if interested.

    2 years ago
  • Asraful77

    2 years ago