Votes for gaming website

Votes for gaming website

I need votes for website.

I will provide a link and expect to get a value of 15$ worth of votes.
taking bids.

I want votes to this website Xtremetop100 which is a topsite ranking games website. Voting is based through unique ip for 12 hours and it also has recaptcha.

Doesnt matter where the votes come from. Voting is made through the
website after solving captcha and click the button (ex. Vote


Votes for gaming website

location does not matter as long as I see the results working.
I do not know for sure, but proxies arent allowed, but maybe will work.

Now i have 240 IN votes and currently ranking #63.
When the IN votes will count 240+100= 340 order will be shipped.

All votes must be done in 1 day (24 h).

Please test 5 votes before you BID on the requested task.

Skills Required

Smm Linkedin Tumblr Pinterest Linkedinwebsiteshare


hey, i'll give you 200 votes for 15$ today

i will provide 1000 vote
order me

i give manually online votes.just order me delivery super fast.


order now and get it started. 200 + bonus votes - 12 hour delivery.
don't look further, order now.

looking forward to serve our quality service to you,
team spiderwave

order me. a professional votes provider

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