Hitleap Minutes

Hitleap Minutes


I need a Hitleap Account with as many minutes as possible on it. Obviously for $25 I expect over 25k minutes as I can buy 25k minutes from hitleap for $25. So please make sensible offers.


Ignore, I am putting 100 words below as for stupid reason I need 100 words!

I’m going to keep writing until I reach 100 words, not counting the title or “By Jesse Exum.” I wonder how many words I’ve written so far? Let’s see...29 words! I’d better count them again to make sure...Huh? Now there are 39! Okay, I’ll count them a third time...What the heck? This time I counted 51 words! What’s going on here?! I’m going to count one last time, and if there are any more words than the last time I counted, I’m not going to keep writing this! I’ll count now...94 words! That’s it, I’m stopping!


Read above!

Skills Required

Hitleap traffic exchange


i can give you

if i get 4 days times i can deliver you 10+ accounts . if you want please let me know i will create it for you.

i can give give 38,764 hitleap minutes..
account is ready with those minutes and can give instantly..
i will update hitleap account with your emailid and account also have 3 referrals..

msg me if want any other info.. or want discount..

pm me

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