I need a HITLEAP account that has 30000 Minutes

I need a HITLEAP account that has 30000 Minutes

I am looking for a hit leap account that has 30k minutes onto it. I am willing to pay around 6-10 dollars for this account so please bid wisely. The more minutes and cheaper gets you it sold. NOTE: I NEED THE LOGIN DEATILS. If you have a account then please bid here. Must have 30k minutes no less


Please send me the email and password for the account

Skills Required

youtube views likes social excahnge traffic website hits hitleap


i can give you dear

funny i actually have a hitleap account that is waaaay over your req. if interested let me know. i no longer use it....started last winter/spring

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  • order now!

    10,000 minutes $7
    20,000 minutes $14
    30,000 minutes $21
    40,000 minutes $28
    50,000 minutes $35
    60,000 minutes $42
    70,000 minutes $49
    80,000 minutes $56

    total minutes all my account 80.000++ minutes

    i will give you all username and password all my account in hitleap..
    if you want all password email i can give you to..

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