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  • ANYONE with a PC who wants to make MASS CA$H
I'm a Mac user and so are thousands of other Users on this Site.

Have a PC? Well, I just found a Service for you to Create for Mac Users.

I saw this Ad on Faceb0ok today:

But then got this Message: (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

If I need to explain it further, you're probably not meant for the job.
This isn't really so much for ME, as it would be for many others. I think it's a FREE Toolbar that they offer (but for PC only).

So this is more of an "IDEA" for you Sellers out there on how to make some $$$


MUST have a PC.
Must be a SELLER

Skills Required

Self Portrait Cartoon Face Photo Pc Computer Mywebface Avatar


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  • sunil0021

    This extension sucks mate even if you upload front face image you will get this error: | It sucks and for cartoon creation you can create yourself but not from picture.

    5 years ago
  • exjordanary

    cool. Thanks for the heads up so i dont waste anymore time.

    @TemptMons - I was NOT implying that someone Develop anything for MAC.

    That would only mean I'm an idiot to suggest that.

    All I was saying was that PC Users could create a service, and offer a portrait to Mac Users who can't access.

    But it sucks anyways so no worries.

    5 years ago