Website designer to make site W3C compliant HTML 5 - CSS - JS - no autobidders

Website designer to make site W3C compliant HTML 5 - CSS - JS - no autobidders

I have a website developed using Laravel I need a competent website designer who can edit the current site so its W3C compliant

there are currently A total of 46 errors and 15 warnings were found on the 5 pages tested.

you need to be able to make the website valid - code edits - no additional functions required - please read the requirements before bidding


Please only bid if you are a competent developer and can carry out the job as required - the site needs to validate W3C standards

the website is

please check the website before placing your bid to complete the work, you
will need to be proficient with html5 css and js - you can use the W3C
validation tool to test the website to decide if you are able to
complete the work - mainly code editing - no changes required

You only need to fix the errors in the code,

create classes for inline styles,
move inline js to separate file,
fix forms and other tags so the site is w3C valid

Skills Required



i have checked your website []. order now and i will fix all problem.

i checked your site
total 19 error

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  • order now!

    these mistakes are natural in the script, do not spend money at all

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