complete an application for CSS / PHP

complete an application for CSS / PHP


I need a job doing it's about half completed. Should be straight
forward if your skills building forms in HTML /CSS and know how to
get the forms working correctly with PHP.

There is a long form about 35 fields I have a template of it in HTML, so
the HTML is pretty much complete. Some styling already on there
already but it's not very good. I will send the HTML form and
separate CSS to you.

First part of the job is this. Complete the form / CSS and make it look
modern and professional. Just do regular coding no need for bootstrap
/ responsive yet (maybe later as will need more work doing after this
project). I need one extra field at the bottom. A text area and a
tick box for terms and conditions.

The second part of the job. A PHP mailer. This PHP must validate the
contact details part of the form and the terms and conditions text
box. Errors from validation need to be clear for the user to correct.
Once the form is submitted successfully it needs to redirect to a new
success page or create a clear success message and a button / link to
return to homepage. The coding for the PHP needs to have some
comments written between the code so it can be adjusted in the future

I will also send a PHP file which should speed up the development. It
has all the field ID listed plus other stuff.


As above

Skills Required

Css Php


hi i m expert in web development . i have lot of experience in html css template design . i also work in php and data base . for complete your application i can do this work like u required
i hope i can complete your work with in your budget .

thanks if you want more info inbox me and i m ready to take your projects

i am a student in computing science i can do that for you
thank you

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