Create a Viral Video Song

Create a Viral Video Song

I'm looking for a short but funny viral video with someone saying the name of my website over and over in different ways.

+singing / rapping
+video / graphics


0:50 seconds to 3:00 minutes of video, with singing or rapping or comically talking / articulating my website name over and over in an exagerated / funny / interesting way.

Skills Required

singing youtube metacafe song viral video


i will makea viral video to you.

i will make a video for you doing exactly what you say with original music content. (i'm a musician, i do typically rock music, but can do trance as well, while saying your website,dancing etc. will post to youtube to my following etc. as well.

i am a well known rapper around my parts, rapforthemoment.
i can make hit songs fast and this means only a few day, not even a week.
the quality is amazing and the lyrics sound as if it took ages to write.
don't believe me? here my youtube channel:
i can do this for you, plus if you want fast views on it i

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