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  • a dozen video articles with real human voice
I need a dozen financial video articles created. Basically you would make simple youtube vids that really only need to have a real human voice (no bots) read the articles and have the words and/or a few pics and words flow with the vid. (American male or female voice needed being that my site is primarily U.S. targeted). Send samples of your work if interested.


- dozen financial youtube video articles created with real human voice (no bots)

- containing articles words and/or pics as visuals

- American male voice or female voice

- send samples of your work if interested


$ lvl.
complete this task within ... giving me what needs done
I have a recording studio here so i can help you easily. i'm 21 and american.
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  • Isilwen

    How long will be the videos? Or, how many words will be the articles?

    6 years ago
  • risingkarma

    How professional does it have to sound, voice wise? Can it be done with an amateur voice, sounding as professional as possible, or does it have to be a professional sounding voice?

    6 years ago