need 10 x 250 views only each video

need 10 x 250 views only each video

so i have 10 videos that need 250 views each so a total of 2500 will need them all done within 48 hours from real account and all real views
so if you can send 250 views to each of the 10 videos then pleased bid might need this more than once as well


250 views on 10 videos which is 2500 views in all
i will need them to be real views from real account and within 48 hours

Skills Required

Youtube Youtubeviews


please sir order me now.

if your need please order me

please give me your link

10 videos at prime rate $0.90 per 1000 views.
total price 10 * $0.90 = $9 for 10,000 views.

canadian seller, very trustworthy. i give you this deal and hope you come back for more. can also had high retention, geotarget, custom drip speed, set referrer (facebook, twitter, reddit)

250 views for $2 non drop
insta start

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