Marketing Partner Wanted

Marketing Partner Wanted

Hello Everyone.

I am offering a new software that is unavailable but highly needed by the public.
Youtube is the largest search engines in the world and there are millions more content creators every year. Everyone with a Youtube channel who uploads videos can find a use for this software that will save them potentially hundreds of hours of time and help them to earn more income by giving them the ability to create new channels and more videos faster and with greater ease.

I essentially have a robotic video editor that I am marketing as a way to "Make Money from Home"
The "Make Money from Home" market is enormous and world-wide. Unlocking a fraction of this market means millions of dollars in income for the right program. I believe I have the Right Program, literally and I am looking for a partner who will handle the marketing and share 50% of all the revenue you bring in and that includes people who renew their membership so that you will be able to build a reoccurring income. As a top marketer I don't need to tell you that if you have 10 Top Youtubers reviewing and selling the software for you and one of their videos goes viral, you can make potentially millions of dollars.
The software sells for $79.90 a Year. You get half $40. if you give $15 to your Top Reviewers on Youtube for each one they sell on their channel with a special coupon code. That still leaves you with $25. If your reviewers mange to sell just 10,000 copies that means you will earn a quarter million dollars. $250,000
While nobody can legitimately make guarantees I can say from my Youtube experience, all it takes is one video going viral will blow up your channel and get you many thousands of subscribers. If you know how to market this to Youtube creators with huge followings, then we all stand to make huge money when these videos and this product goes viral.
I am looking for ONE QUALIFIED candidates who have the following abilities. Ability to promote an affiliate product, have experience in Marketing especially on youtube. Willing to get paid on commission 50% of sales. You can see a promo video at

Thank you


sales, youtube marketing

Skills Required

Sales Youtube


6000 subscribers and some extra subscribe bonus.
start time 48-72 hrs.
project complete 7-10 days.


most powerful niche relevant wikipedia seo backlinks

create 145+ do-follow high pr and da google penguin safe seo backlinks for extra ranking

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