Need Help with my channel anyone out there can do the job

Need Help with my channel anyone out there can do the job
i need 20,000 subscribers like send 5000 subscribers each day for 4 days i need over 1000 watch hours and need 20,000 views to each yutube link also 100 shares on each link and 100 likes on each link. i be able get my account activated and evently get the tube award i be able make money from tube ads random shown and be able offer the free lancher more money and gigs on here. anyone out there can do this gig i hire someone by march 12th to do this u get paid after job done i seen everything done correct. the person i hire on this gig will help me each month i pay them to keep helping me to reach over million subscribers.. when i get over that i be able get the million subscriber award make even more money....then the goal after that to get 10 million subscribers and millions of views on each video i create i think they give diamond award you make even more from viewers and watch hours.......


able to do this in 4 days then they paid by me, a person with good promotion skills backlink skills,social marketing and creation to get the job done correctly so i be able make money from youtube soon

Skills Required

marketin promotio creation backlink youtube media


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