50 Manual Foundation SEO Backlinks Unique, HIGH Authority, Whitehat for $20 $15

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50 Manual Foundation SEO Backlinks Unique, HIGH Authority, Whitehat

I will create 50+ white hat foundation SEO backlinks which are perfect for link building. All links will have DA 50+ “Domain Authority from MOZ” and will come from Different diverse platforms. 12+ years of experience in SEO, 2400+ 5* Reviews on SEOClerks.

The package is a great fit for building the backlink foundation

  • Increase visibility and successfully pass through the Google Sandbox stage
  • Create an awareness campaign for your website using popular social media
  • Set your website for aggressive link building (Guest Posting and Niche Edits)
  • Increased brand mentions as well helps in anchor diversification
  • Boost your rankings for medium-to-low frequency keywords
  • Essential to bring more diversity to your backlink profile
Backlinks Quality
ATTRACTIVE PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – The highlight of the service is the creation of valuable, relevant marketing content for your business to attract, acquire, and engage your targeted audience to refer to your business website. It helps promote your business on the one hand and acts as an enabler for Search Engines with profiling of your target audience on the other, giving your website an edge in getting the targeted exposure.

FULLY USABLE SUB-BLOG – You get a fully functional sub-blog (powered by WordPress, Blogspot or similar CMS) which includes “about us” and “contact” pages. You can use the blog to post more content, and market your upcoming website blogs and promotional stuff to attract fresh traffic of the given property.

ONLY CONTEXTUAL LINKS – We don’t build blank profiles with out-of-place links. We create the backlinks (including profiles) filled with text preceding the link.

UNIQUE RESOURCE BASE – If you already have certain web 2.0 properties built, you can share the list with us and we make sure you only get the unique properties built with us.

The most effective and proven strategy to build up the groundwork for your new projects.
Foundation links provide initial shout-out for your brand, its story, the products & services as well as trust building signals. We use a proprietary methodology based on 5P Marketing Mix to create synergy with most likable & popular niche properties. It helps


This package will diversify your backlink profile which will definitely make a positive difference for your visibility on search. On top of that, you’ll boost your ranking for low and medium frequency keywords.

Most importantly, you can easily purchase this package for your long-term projects, as it’s absolutely safe!


Everyone knows how tough it is to build backlinks in certain “grey” niches
The package will suit those as well, but with certain restrictions. As you’re aware, a lot of websites prohibit posting links from those kinds of websites.
These manual high-authority backlinks from diverse link platforms. Safe, white-hat approach. No PBNs, no link farms or guest blog networks, no junk, no bullshit comments. Ideal for link diversity, establishing your site's white hat FOUNDATION links & trust with Google!
We will provide a detailed report at the end of your campaign, containing the logins to these properties and information on each, such as Domain Authority.

DISCLAIMER: can't guarantee any certain placements in the search results. Before you message me please check out the FAQs below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Safe? Will I get penalized? Are there any risks?
-You are 100% safe. You will not be penalized. You have no risks.

Important: are results guaranteed?
-No any reputable seller will never guarantee results as there are well over 100 factors that affect your rankings in SEO and we only have power over some of them. However we will be doing our best and we did reach top results for many of our clients!

What is the DA (Domain Authority) MOZ of the websites?
-60-plus on average, some might even be 90 plus

Do you accept foreign language keywords / website?
- We do - although most of the posted content will be in English.

Are the backlinks permanent?
-At least 90% backlinks will remain live, as we will over-deliver in quantity. However websites are being really strict these days therefore its normal that some links die and become 404s. But you'll end up with at least 50 LIVE backlinks(as advertised)

Will I receive logins for the backlinks?
-Yes you will, The work is manually done, so there is no reason why not!

How long would it take to see results?
-Even though results are not guaranteed, usually our clients start to see an affect on their rankings within 3-5 weeks.

Will the backlinks be Do-follow or No-follow?
-Both! It's natural to have both Do-follow SEO Backlinks and No-follow in your backlinks profile.

Will the links be specific to my niche?
-No they won't be all, but some will be. Most of these will be placed in common domains, but that doesn't mean they won't be helpful.


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