• Getting Started In Cryptoassets
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Title: Getting Started In Cryptoassets

The Ultimate Start-Up And Guide Book To Bring The World Of Cryptoassets Into Your Hands And Mind!

Cruptocurrencies have become the biggest rising global phenomenon that is taking the world by storm and is gaining a lot of popularity. But even after all the press releases, reports and published articles, a large majority of people fail to understand even the most basic concepts.

By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll know more about cryptoassets than most consultants, bankers and developers and you’ll gain all the knowledge you need to become a frontrunner in this ground-breaking technology.

In This Book You Will Learn Everything There Is To Know About Cryptographic Currency:

- What It Is
- Bitcoins : The Most Popular Electronic Cash System
- Managing and Developing Blockchain Technology and Mining
- Alternative Currencies, ICO & Whitepaper
- Cryptocurrency Exchange and Secure Trading
- And much, much more!

Just Click “Buy Now” And Set Yourself On The Right Path Of Discovering The Money Of The Future!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. CHAPTER 1: Bitcoin
  3. CHAPTER 2: Blockchain
  4. CHAPTER 3: Mining
  5. CHAPTER 4: Alternative currencies
  6. CHAPTER 5: ICO & Whitepaper
  7. CHAPTER 6: Crypto wallet
  8. CHAPTER 7: Cryptocurrency exchange
  9. CHAPTER 8: Security
  10. CHAPTER 9: Trading
  11. CHAPTER 10: Regulatory and Tax Treatment
  12. UsefulWebsite
  13. FAQ

Excerpt from the eBook


In 2009 Bitcoinwas introduced to the market at a value of 0.10 per coin. In 2013 it was valued
at almost USD 1000 yet in 2015 it collapsed to USD 250 per coin due to hacking
activities states Mt. Gox, the world's largest bitcoin exchange file for
bankruptcy. Still, we notice that the price of bitcoin continues to rise and
surpassed the price of an ounce of Gold in March 2017. In December 2017 its
value peaked at USD 12,000 per coin making it one of the investments with the
biggest return that I know off. The bitcoin grew tremendously in the 8 years
since it first appeared on the market. Going from USD 0.10 to USD 12,000, that
is a massive 120000% return on investment!

What isCryptography?

Cryptographyis the art of making text and messages unreadable to anyone other than the
intended recipient by using coding techniques. It was first used by
Mathematician Alan Turing during the Second World War. Turing’s job was to
decrypt the vastly complex German naval communications using his Enigma

What is Crypto currency?

Simply put;crypto currency is a virtual currency that is used online for digital transactions.
The word Crypto currency is derived from the word “Cryptography”, referring to
the consensus-keeping process guarded by strong cryptography. Crypto currencies
are payment vehicles just like a normal everyday USD bank note. The difference
is that the crypto currency solely serves the purpose of exchanging digital
information through a process known as cryptography. Bitcoin is registered as
the first ever-successful crypto currency and was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.
The success of the bitcoin birthed a slew of other types of crypto currencies
competing against Bitcoin.

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