Complete Tumblr Micro PBN Package for $8

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Complete Tumblr Micro PBN Package

The ultimate Tumblr Micro PBN package to skyrocket rankings of your website, blog, YouTube videos or anything else on the internet!

With the recent Google updates, many PBNs have been deindexed. Google is becoming smarter, but if you know how to do things the right way, you can still benefit.

My service gives you a complete micro PBN Tumblr experience. I will search for an expired blog that already has authority in the eyes of Google and other major search engines. I will then register the blog for you and create a "natural presence" on the blog. This includes choosing a nice theme, adding a profile picture, bio and even a post (optional). You can then use the blog to publish content relevant to what you specialize in, or simply use it to add link juice to your SEO strategy.

The blog will be registered from a unique IP, which means it's completely safe, reliable and very convenient.

Here's what you get:

  • 1x High PA Tumblr Blog
  • PA 25+ (Usually between 28 and 33)
  • Natural presence on the Tumblr Blog
  • Acts as a "micro PBN", but in a safe way!
  • Profile picture + cover image added
  • Bio / description added

Be sure to check extras for some added benefits and better results.


Tumblr Pbn Pbns Seo Social Traffic Blog Blogging Blogs Pagerank Pageauthority Pa Web2 Website Web
+2 Tumblr Blogs 2 days $5
Niche-relevant blog 2 days $3
Keyword-relevant blog 2 days $3

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$8 - In stock