• 400 Blog Post Back-Linking Bonanza
Due to requests from my clients for an option to order blog posts in larger packages than I currently offer, I'm now offering 400 blog posts, with each post on a unique self hosted TLD domain - .com, .net or .org.

This service is perfect for back-linking tiers or parasites on authority sites, such as linking to Amazon FBA, Youtube videos, Facebook, Instagram etc.

The Rules
  • A maximum of 3 links per post
  • Multiple URL's and/or Keywords can be submitted for each link BUT they must be in spintaxt format, where a random url and a random keyword are matched for each post.
  • No order splitting - the number of links chosen for a post and the URL/Keyword combination format chosen will then be THE SAME FOR ALL posts. i.e. an order cannot be split up into a varying number of links and/or different URL/Keyword combinations.
  • Images cannot be used in posts, but you can embed Youtube video(s)
  • An order MUST be dripfed for between 7 - 25 days. I cannot post in a shorter time frame than that.
  • Report - a screenshot of all post URL's will be given at the end of the job + 10 live urls.

All niches are generally accepted. But there a a number of banned niche keywords such as "gamble", "gambling", "casino", "poker", "porn", "viagra", "cialis" "sex", "male enhancement", "erectile" "penis" etc. If in doubt, msg me before ordering, with a list of the keywords you wish to use.

For content I will manually source articles related to your general niche and then spin them. Or alternatively, you can provide me with up to 4 articles to spin, each with a minimum of 500 words. If an article is less than 500 words it will be rejected.

Screenshot of 100 Randomly Chosen Domains from the PBN

Once an order has started posting I cannot change or cancel the order, so please double check that the information you have given me is correct, especially the keyword spellings and the URLs used.

Please do not ask for blog samples as I do not give them out. You can instead order a basic $2 service for 10 posts to allow you to evaluate this PBN.

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