5 unique copyscape passed articles for your PBNs for $10

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5 unique copyscape passed articles for your PBNs

Who is this service for?

  • PBN links sellers who need keyword-based unique had-written & CopyScape Premium
passed SEO content for their blogs for SEO purposes.

  • Website owners who want to provide their own content to PBN links sellers.
Please, choose any one of the following packages to suit your needs: (total words count will be 1500)
  1. 5x300 = 1500 total words for $10
  2. 4x400 = 1600 total words for $10
  3. 5x500 = 1500 total words for $10
  4. 2x750 = 1500 total words for $10
  5. 1x1500 = 1500 total words for $10

I will deliver 5x300 unique hand-written PBN articles for long-tail & short-tail keywords depending on what keywords are required to be SEO optimized by your clients. I’ll write SEO based articles for your PBNs in an engaging & interesting way, too.

Here’s what you get:

Perfect for SEO agencies & PBNs

No breach of copyright

Catchy titles that sell

Google-friendly content

Grammatical accurate articles

Perfect with SEO

Passed by CopyScape Premium

On-time delivery

I can write to a high standard based on my extensive experience, so look no further if your goal is quality SEO content! What’s more, you can check the content through any plagiarism software of your choice before finalizing your order.
How to place your order?
For instance, you need the articles on the keyword/topic/anchor text "personal injury attorney", right? If you want to get all the articles on the same keyword, you can place your order somewhat like this: personal injury attorney 5x300, but if you need 3 articles on the keyword, you can place your order like personal injury attorney 3x300, and you will get 3 articles. Hence, you have to provide one or two more keywords to write on such as personal injury law 2x300 in order to get the full service as described by this Gig.

Here are a few more examples to help you place your order in the right way.

Example 1. personal injury attorney 5x300
Example 2. personal injury attorney 3x300, personal injury law 2x300
Example 3. weight loss pills 1x300, how to lose weight fast 2x300, best weight loss medicine 1x300, health & fitness 1x300
Example 4. painting services, painters near me, how to hire a painter
Example 5. how to hire a painter
Examples 6. why hire an SEO agency, SEO

In the 4th case, I'll write two articles on painting services, two on painters near me, and one on how to hire a painter OR I can write two articles on how to hire a painter, two on painters near me, and one on painting services.

In the 5th case, I know I have to write all the articles on how to hire a painter.

In the 6th case, I can write 3x300 articles on why hire an SEO agency, and 2x300 on SEO OR 2x300 on why hire an SEO agency and 3x300 on SEO.

I love writing on random keywords such as personal injury attorney, why hire SEO agency, online bookkeeper, best weight loss medicine, emergency locksmith service, law firm, virtual data room, painting services, carpet cleaner near me, best guitar for beginner, best shoe company, credit repair services, & tattoo artist, to name but a few.

Note: Please note that the content will be created with the special focus on the provided keyword which will be used more than once in each SEO PBN article in a way that it looks natural. The keyword is not only the anchor text but also the topic of the article.


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